NGFN Facts and Figures

6. External Cooperation 2008 - 2013

The national research network is also internationally connected

The scientific work of NGFN-Plus and NGFN-Transfer in the Program of Medical Genome Research is highly recognized on the national as well as international level. This fact becomes especially obvious when looking at the collaborations of NGFN scientists all over the world that reflects an intense international networking.
Only in Germany, NGFN Scientists are involved in 402 cooperations with different external partners. Additionally they cooperate with 546 research groups in 40 countries worldwide. 54 of these international cooperations are participations at 21 different EU-projects. The geographical distribution of the NGFN partners is shown on the following map.
The number of cooperations is based on the database entries to the NGFN project database until December 31, 2011. All entries made after this day could not be included.

Countries are labeled orange in which researchers are partners of NGFN-Plus scientists, whereas countries appear hatched in which partners of both NGFN-Plus and NGFN-Transfer are located.

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