NGFN Facts and Figures

9. Publication History 2001 - 2013

The NGFN, successful since its foundation

The NGFN was founded in 2001 and has made large contributions to medical genome research in the past 12 years by a huge number of scientific publications. From July 2001 to May 2013, 5,254 scientific articles have been published. Within the first three years of funding during NGFN-1 (7/2001 - 6/2004) 987 publications were released, followed by even 1,822 articles in the subsequent four year funding of NGFN-2 (7/2004 - 6/2008). During the approximately five years of the current funding period already 2,445 scientific articles were released by scientists of NGFN-Plus and NGFN-Transfer in the Program of Medical Genome Research. Since the analysis and publication of the scientific results take a long time, it can be expected that there will be more articles to be published within the next months. The continuously high number of publications that is shared with the international research community proves the great benefit of the sustainable funding strategy pursued by the BMBF.

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