Funding of NGFN-Plus and NGFN-Transfer in the Program of Medical Genome Research

The National Genome Research Network is a large-scale project to combat widespread diseases that is unique in the world. It focuses on disease-oriented Genome Research with the aim to identify the impact of genes and their products on the health of humans in order to provide a basis for the development of innovative prognostics, diagnostics and therapeutics.

In order to sustain Germany’s high impact in science, research and development, the BMBF is funding the close cooperation among various experts of the NGFN since 2001. The output of the NGFN includes over 100 patent applications, 3.500 scientific publications, and over 90 product ideas in cooperation with industrial companies. As of summer 2008, the National Genome Research stands with the new Program of Medical Genome Research in the third funding period. The intensified focus on transfer of academic results into the practice aims towards even higher and direct social and health value. 200 million Euros have been earmarked by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research for the program for the next five years. Hence, the BMBF creates decisive space for continuation and enhancement in the advanced field of medical genome research and is strengthening the international competitiveness of the German science and research.


Period of sponsorship: 2008-2013               
Total subsidy amount: 188 Mio. Euro        
Number of supported networks: 26            


Period of sponsorship: 2008-2011
Total subsidy amount: 12,1 Mio. Euro
Number of supported alliances: 8                       
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