Goals of the National Genome Research Network

In Search of the Etiology of Diseases and Potential Therapies

The goals of the National Genome Research Network are:

1. The research into the genetic principles of widespread diseases
The researchers want to find out what role our heritable information, the DNA, plays in the development of diseases. The information concerning all vitally important processes in the body is stored in the DNA, especially in the genes. They are the key to understanding many diseases.

2. The development of appropriate treatment methods
Understanding the underlying gene alterations of certain diseases can be the prerequisite for the development of drugs or potential therapies for their treatment.

3. The research on the effectiveness of therapies
Not all drugs have the same effect in all patients. Their effectiveness also depends on the genetic constitution of the individual patient. It is essential to know the gene variations responible for these different drug effects in order to prognose the individual course of disease and enable the optimum therapy.

4. The development of appropriate diagnosis methods
With genetic methods it can be determined how far a disease has already progressed. With such test systems it is also possible to clearly distinguish different diseases that have similar symptoms – e.g. different kinds of cancer. These insights are important in order to mitigate the effects of a disease by implementing appropriate treatment methods soon enough.

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