QM and Standards

Coordinator:    PD Dr. Stefan Wiemann
Institution: DKFZ Heidelberg
The tight management of quality issues is prerequisite in any research project, however, large-scale experiments require special attention to the terms “quality” and “reproducibility”. Statistics is frequently applied to large datasets as they derive, for example, from whole-genome screening experiments. This, however, makes only sense when the robustness of the applied assays and the number of datapoints for every sample are sufficient to distinguish negative from true positive hits. Furthermore, the integration of the different types of data being generated and analyzed within IG-CSG necessitates standardized protocols for data exchange where, for example, common identifiers and common standards for the description of the experiments need to be used in order to enable the comparison of experiments performed in different laboratories. Hence, QM & Standards are inevitable for the broad utility and exploitation of data from IG-CSG and help to establish the basis for data dissemination and exchange. The overall goal of this subproject is thus to overview the experimental projects of IG-CSG and to support these with expertise in QM & Standards, most of which has been accumulated within NGFN-1 and -2, for example upon the development of the Minimum Information About a Cellular Assay (MIACA) reporting guideline, and that will be extended here.

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