DiGTOP bioinformatics: resource development and application in comparative network analysis

Coordinator:    Prof. Dr. Toby Gibson
Institution: European Molecular Biology Laboratory Heidelberg (EMBL)

The key issue of the DiGtoP consortium is the investigation of the regulatory context of disease relevant human genes. The goal of this subproject is the development of a data resource to store and disseminate this data and to analyse the gained information to determine the underlying regulatory networks.
In the subproject a web-based electronic platform has been implemented to store and disseminate the data generated within the project to the members of the project and the scientific community. The physical interactions of disease relevant genes measured in DiGtoP are recorded in a structured manner in a database. Tools which allow a standardised data output are available to ensure access to the interaction data: a web service is available for the software assisted access, a search engine for the browser-supported access, as well as standardised reports which allow an overview of the entire datasets. The measured interacting proteins have been matched to the genes coding for them. The data were aligned with publicly accessible genome-wide association studies as well as with data of genetically caused diseases to determine their relation to disease. The data gained in the consortium are available in structured formats for network modelling and comparative network analysis in subproject 7B.

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