Immunology Screen

Coordinator:    Prof. Dr. Dirk Hans Busch
Institution: Institut für Med. Mikrobiologie, Immunologie und Hygiene, TU München
The pathophysiology of many diseases crucially involves cells and effector molecules belonging to the immune system, and therefore, phenotypical screening for immunodeficiencies within the German Mouse Clinic is central for the identification of novel mouse models for human diseases. During NGFN-I/II, we have established innovative high-throughput approaches for the measurement and phenotypical characterization of major leukocyte subsets as well as antibody compositions in peripheral blood samples.
Immunodeficiencies are sometimes only detectable under “challenge” conditions (like an infection) or upon long-term exposure to distinct environmental factors (like stress, physical fitness, pollution or nutrition). In (genetically) pre-disposed individuals changes of immunity patterns by environmental factors are discussed as crucial factors for the development of human diseases. Therefore, we extended our analyses during NGFNplus to selected challenge conditions under in vitro and in vivo conditions. The in vivo challenge experiments started to build up the “Immunity platform” for GMC II. Here we are developing high-throughput applications for the measurement of primary resistance patterns and maintenance of protective immunity in mutant mice. Moreover, in collaboration with other GMC II platforms, we analyze also mouse cohorts exposed to different environmental conditions.


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