Coordination Office

Coordinator:    Prof. Dr. Hugo A. Katus
Institution: Abteilung Innere Medizin III Uniklinik Heidelberg
The initiative of ther Medical Genome research „Genetics of Heart Failure“ is an interdisciplinary Research Network with partners from different clinical and experimental disciplines. Cardiolgists, biologists, epidemiologists, bioinformatics specialists and many others are working closely together to reach the final goal of deciphering the genetic basis of Heart Failure, its pathophysiological mechanisms and innovative diagnostic and prognostic procedures. Besides the professional scale of the participating scientists the network also geographically spans the entire German map. Anyhow, the research has to be performed formally and precisely in time with respect to the scientific work plan, where all work packages of the different subprojects are described with precise milestones. The final goal can only be achieved when all research activities are well coordinated. These coordinating tasks are performed by the coordination office in close cooperation with the speaker and Coordinator of the network. The coordinating office supports the speaker and coordinator (Prof. Hugo A. Katus), it coordinates the information flow between the different subprojects, the funding organisation (Federal Ministry of Science and Research, BMBF) and its administrative organisation in the German Center for Aerospace and Aeronatics (DLR) and all other internal and external partners and institutions. Moreover, the coordinating office organizes scientific congresses, workshops and participations at scientific fairs and popular events. The coordinating office is also responsible for all communications with other research initiatives, the entire public relation (print media, TV-presentations, corporate design etc.) and the internet presentation of the Heart Failure network. Last but not least the coordinating office is responsible for all scientific reports, the internal financial controlling, the quality management, preparation and management of evaluations and development and negotiation of cooperation and consortial contracts. Hence the coordinating office acts as central interface of the initiative. It is also responsible to identify new research projects in cardiovascular genomic research and coordinate follow up project applications.

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