Coordinator:    Prof. Dr. Thomas M. Gress
Institution: Philipps-Universität Marburg, Klinik für Innere Medizin SP Gastroenterologie
Homepage: www.uni-marburg.deLink editieren
The main goal of this subproject was to provide a professional management and thus to enable an efficient working. Therefore management was carried out on 3 levels: a Coordination office, a Steering Committee and a General Assembly.

The Coordination office was responsible for the carry out of day-to-day management from the site in Marburg. Tasks included the organization of regular scientific and administrative meetings of the different levels of research and administration, the preparation of reports, the collection of deliverables as well as the general monitoring of the projects progress. Furthermore a web-platform for the IG ( was setup at the beginning of the project. This web-platform was the main communication platform, which fully supported interactive working between the consortium members. This tool was the communication hub of the project and its extensive functionality provided the project participants with a robust and versatile platform to manage effectively all communication and flow of knowledge both within the consortium and to a wider community.

The PaCa-Net Steering Committee with the project coordinator and the TP leaders met twice a year to monitor overall progress, receive and discuss reports from the project coordinator and the TP leaders on research progress, dissemination, intellectual property, technology transfer and finance.

The General Assembly was the principal decision-making body of PaCa-Net and comprised all parties. Meetings of the General Assembly took place annually
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