Data Management

Coordinator:    Prof. Dr. Martin Hrabé de Angelis
Institution: Institut für Experimentelle Genetik, Helmholtz Zentrum München
The subproject GMC data management has a central and essential function for the other GMC subprojects and the German EMMA node. It is involved in all steps of scientific data management, starting with data capture and storage in databases, statistical analysis and visualisation up to the semi-automatic data export into reports, public project databases and the GMC web site. Software applications needed for an effective collaboration of the GMC subprojects were developed in-house as part of the project. These include an integrated mouse and laboratory information management system (MausDB) as well as systems for the management of cryo-preserved samples and workflow management tools for the scheduling of projects and daily working steps including complex logistical aspects. The concepts of our mouse management system (MausDB) were published in a scientific journal and are offered to the scientific community as open-source software for free download including detailed description. At least 15 institutions worldwide already use our software applications successfully. Our applications will be further developed and integrated. The subproject data management also includes important aspects such as data curation and quality control during data capture and data processing as well as translation of raw data into e.g. ontology terms which is a prerequisite for an analysis of scientific results across species. Bioinformaticians of this subproject are involved in European and international projects of high-throughput mouse phenotyping, data integration and standardisation of data capture.


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